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so like

2008-07-22 08:15:54 by DrFishSticks

no flash on my new comp, and now I'm working full time, looks like I won't make flash for awhile. You can see I did have a flash in the works below, but hey, it'll have to wait. I'll be back.
p.s. melee > brawl

so like


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2008-07-26 19:47:08

yay me happy for u congrats on getting it :D

DrFishSticks responds:

:D had to be done! Best game ever.


2008-10-12 22:42:53

pits gonna win cause he is the king of spam

DrFishSticks responds:

since I'm too busy to get flash again and actually make this, I'll tell you, you're half right. The idea was for Pit to spam him with arrows and 'yayayayaaaah' for about a minute, then select a winner. Select ike and he sends pit and the stage to 999 damage with one smash attack!