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the fact is...

2008-06-09 13:44:51 by DrFishSticks

...all you haters calling me an ssbm noob OBVIOUSLY just don't know how to play like a professional. I'd like to see you compete with my running back and forth, with extra spastic sliding and repetitive attacks. And don't make me hop up and down firing LAZARS, BITCHES.
The series will go on ;D


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2008-06-11 18:12:14

I could pown your noob ass any day... but sadly I have no Wiwi...

(Updated ) DrFishSticks responds:

Iif you haven't even got the game, you'd have no chance whatsoever. It plays quite different to melee, takes getting used to. And even if you did have the game, I would probably still annihilate you with Meta Knight.


2008-06-12 16:40:18

hahah your great.

the funniest part of your flashes, is the fact that its true. keep it up.

DrFishSticks responds:

will do :D thanks


2008-06-14 12:30:58

wow you just pointed out how your a noob

(Updated ) DrFishSticks responds:

ah it's the 'worst joke ever' chap! My goodness, whatever do you mean? Did you actually think I was being serious when I spoke about 'repetitive attacks'?


2008-06-18 20:09:01

um yes deedeedee

DrFishSticks responds:

hehehe. Do you think I'd use words like 'spastic' and 'repetitive' if I was being serious?
although laser spam is fun ;D


2008-06-21 17:50:03

jay wuz ere. shittin on ur wallz

DrFishSticks responds:

jay sure knows how to spend his saturday nights


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